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At Abbeyfield (Canvey Island) Society, we provide sheltered accommodation with assisted living with a range of support services to reflect the changing needs and expectations of the older person.

At Abbeyfield, our focus is on our residents’ wellbeing, which we maintain by using unique support plans tailored to each individual. Each support plan helps us to identify the amount of independence a person can safely maintain as a resident in sheltered accommodation, while remaining in line with their own personal preferences. Providing a person-centred approach to assisted living, each residents’ care plan is updated regularly, detailing any changes that may have taken place. This enables us to increase the level of support you need to enable you to stay within sheltered accommodation.

“Making time for older people and to enhance their quality of life”

Our goal is to make our residents’ time with us at Abbeyfield as enjoyable as possible. This means providing comfortable living accommodation, pleasant shared facilities, regular and stimulating activities to keep entertained.

The House Manager, with the help of the Support/Cook workers and cleaners ensure the house is spotlessly clean and residents are well looked after and cared for.

The cook/support workers are on site for 10 hours every day ensuring the safety of the residents and the smooth running of the house.

The Careline system covers all emergencies when the staff are not present on site.

Tailored Support

Being sheltered accommodation with assisted living, Abbeyfield (Canvey Island) Society is not a residential or nursing care home. However, we will always assist in facilitating individual care services for our residents as needed, at their own expense.

Working closely with local GPs, Social Services and Community Nursing and Support Services, we can ensure that our residents receive the highest level of care and that all arrangements they require are taken care of.

In the event that a resident becomes hospitalised, we will work with the hospital to ensure we are fully aware of their care plan, to enable us to support them properly upon their return home.